7 women, 7 challenges

I'm really excited to have been interviewed on the Tough Girl Podcast recently. In case you haven't heard of it, it's an awesome, yup  guessed it, podcast run by the brilliant Sarah Williams.

Sarah started the podcast back in 2015 with the aim of motivating and inspiring people, women in particular to go out and achieve any challenge, goal or dream.

Each week Sarah interviews all sorts of amazing women who have achieved some really impressive physical challenges and feats of endurance. She's spoken to Lauren Morton who has rowed across the Atlantic twice, Cathy O'Dowd who is the first women to climb both sides of Mt Everest and Juliana Burhing who is the fastest women to cycle around the world plus loads of others.

This year, as well as her usual podcasts, Sarah is also running a slightly different style of podcast. She's interviewing 7 'normal' or less elite women who have set themselves a challenge in 2017 and I'm really excited to say that I'm one of them!

The first podcast in the series has just come out. You can listen to me and the other 6 amazing women introducing themselves and their 2017 challenges by pressing the play button at the top of the page (please excuse my squeaky high voice..!): 

Sarah will be interviewing all 7 of us periodically throughout the year as we train for, take on and (hopefully) achieve our challenges. If you're interested you can find out a bit more about the '7 women, 7 challenges - 2017' here.

If you haven't done so already I would really recommend subscribing to Sarah's podcast. Sarah's done some amazing challenges herself, she's completed the Marathon De Sables and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!

I really think the podcast has got to be one of the most inspiring things out there at the moment so please check it out! In fact, it's actually what sparked my motivation and encouraged me to set myself twelve crazy challenges in the first place. 

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