Mallorca 312

29th April 2017

When most people (and I include myself here) think of Mallorca, they think of glistening beaches and cool cocktails, and in most instances they'd be right...

However, on the 29th April next year I'll be there for an entirely different reason - the Mallorca 312. Sadly, the Mallorca 312 is not the name of a swanky beach club. Oh no, it's an annual endurance cycling sportive of course! The event covers the distance of 312 kilometres (193 miles) around Mallorca with 16,568 feet of ascent, all taking place over one day. Believe me, I was devastated when I found out it wasn't a beach club.

Jokes aside, it should be awesome fun! It's a huge event, with over 4,000 riders taking part each year. I mean really, what else would you want to do on your May bank holiday weekend? Did I mention it's also just one week after I'm hoping to have run the London Marathon? My poor legs ache just thinking about it.

Mallorca 312

I'm actually fairly new to cycling, before I bought my bike in September the last time I had ridden a bike was probably aged 12 so I think it's fair to say that this isn't going to be a small challenge. I've definitely got a lot of training to do!

The scenic and hilly ride should take me around 12 hours and with 4,000 other riders I'm sure there'll be loads of things to see and people to meet!

Keep an eye out for my blog posts over the next few months to stay up to date with my training.

Mallorca 312 Route