So it’s begun. I’ve started my training for my big bike ride next year. The Mallorca 312 is (yep, you guessed it) a 312km bike ride around Mallorca, in one hit. No small feat! 


I'll need to do a mixture of strength, speed and endurance training leading up to the event. The endurance training will mean covering some serious distance on my bike so I’ll leave that to the weekends. During the week I’m doing spin classes for the speed and strength side of my training.

There's a great spin studio called Ride Republic near my flat, I don’t go spinning there all the time but it works well to weave into my usual routine. Ride Republic is currently up there with one of my favourite classes so I thought I'd give you the low down in a quick review in case you fancy giving it a go. 

Georgie cycling

Class Review: Ride Republic

Who Goes?

The class is filled with everyone from sloaney yoga bunnies through to serious looking cycle obsessed men in a little too much Lycra. Everyone gathers in the reception beforehand so you're able to suss out the competition. If you're in anyway competitive like me, you can't help but think of it as just that - a competition.

The Class:

The studio is set in the dark with neon lights to get you in the zone and a scented candle to make you feel zen (obviously). When you enter you'll notice the 'Burn Board' projected on to the wall at the front of the class. The Burn Board ranks you against the other riders in the room. It measures your energy output throughout the class so the figure increases depending on how hard you push. It's virtually impossible not to look at the board and work that little bit harder, just so you can beat [insert name of person slightly ahead of you].

Ride Republic

The instructors guide you through sets of speed intervals and endurance training alongside music that matches the tempo. The instructors will also suggest which gear you should be in and when you should change it up. But this isn't just about your legs. Towards the end of the class you'll be picking up the Dumbbells on your bike and will be taken through a whole arm routine. Unsurprisingly this will come as a very welcome break for your legs!

Once the bicep curls are done you're almost there. Depending on how competitive the instructor thinks you're all feeling they may well temporarily reset the Burn Board back to zero and do a one minute sprint competition. This gives you a chance to either increase your lead over the person in front. Or, if you're not doing so well, earn your dignity back by pulling up a few places! You'll finish the class feeling like you've given it everything you had. The instructors are brilliant at squeezing every last ounce of energy out of you and making you feel great at the same time.

The Verdict:

Ride Republic is perfect for bringing out your inner Olympic cyclist and getting you burning serious calories in just 45 mins. You can't help but work hard and push yourself and when you come out the other side you'll be amazed at the barriers you smashed through. You'll have your 'burn number' on the wall to prove it and also have something to aim for and beat next time!


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