7 Essential Tips for Run Commuting

Run Commuting

It’s not always easy finding those spare hours in the day to go running. Using your commute to rack up your miles is a great way to save money, avoid the rush hour crowds and arrive at work feeling awake and full of energy. Win, win. That said, there are a couple of ways you can make sure your run commute is as efficient and enjoyable as possible, read on to learn how to run to work like a pro.

Pack the Night Before

Probably the most difficult part of run commuting is actually getting up and going. Until you’ve got into the habit, make it as easy as possible for yourself by laying your kit out the night before. Pack your backpack if you’re taking one and leave your running kit out ready so that you can be up dressed and on the road before you’ve had the chance to fully wake up and back out.

Leave Kit at the Office

One way to save yourself from running with a heavy backpack is to leave your outfit for the next day at work so that you only need to run with your essentials (phone, money, keys etc). At first, this does require the organisation skills of Monika from Friends but once you’ve got into a routine it’s easy. If that’s not an option, pair down your kit list to lighten your load, try buying miniature toiletries and only taking the debit card you need rather than your whole wallet.

Invest in a Running Backpack

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable backpack that bounces up and down when you run. A normal rucksack just won’t cut it, you’ll need a backpack for running that fits snugly and securely to your back with minimal movement. Look for a lightweight running bag that with chest and hip straps that’s specifically designed for running to avoid getting to work with painful chafing. If you need to transport your laptop look for a running bag with a sleeve that you can slot your laptop into. If you’re able to leave your outfit and shower essentials at work the day before then even better, try a waist belt or arm band for your debit card, phone and keys.

Plan Your Route

It sounds simple but taking a few minutes to plan your run can make a real difference. Not only will it avoid you wasting time by getting lost but it also means you can plot the most scenic route. Is there a park you can run through, or a route that requires less main roads? Try Strava or even just Google Maps for planning your run, especially if you need to alter it each week to hit a certain distance.

Run Part of the Way

Don’t let the fact that you live miles away from work stop you! Why not take public transport part of the way and then run the rest? This is a great option if you’re aiming to build up mileage as you can gradually build up by getting off at stops further away from your office as you progress.


Work Out Your Shower Situation

Of course, the ideal scenario would be to grab a quick shower at work but if you don’t have access to a shower what other options are there? Why not see whether you can sign up to a local gym or swimming pool and use their facilities? If that’s still not feasible then there are products you can buy to help prepare you for a day in the office without your colleagues being any the wiser. Try Plump It Up Dry Shower body wash or Halo Proactive Hair and Body Wash. Follow that with a quick spray of Batiste dry shampoo and you’re good to go. If not having a shower after your run is too much to bare, try running home in the evening instead.


Listen to Something That Inspires You

You don’t need to be told that listening to music is a great way to make the miles fly by and stay motivated when you’re running. But did you know that listening to upbeat songs with at least 120 beats per minutes have been proven to lift your mood and make your running feel easier? Spotify have a tonne of playlists with songs at various different beats per minutes to keep you on track. Here are some of Spotify’s top running playlists. Prefer to listen to something else? Try listening to a podcast or an audiobook and use your run to learn something new or catch up on the news. Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to mentally escape and ensure the time passes quickly. Give one of these podcasts a go next time you’re out on a jog.


Whether you’re run commuting to or from work it’s essential to stay motivated. Signing up for a challenge that you can train for and work towards is a brilliant way to keep you going especially through those winter months. Another great way to get inspired is to find a friend or work colleague that you can commute run with. You’re also much less likely to bail out on those chilly mornings when you know you have a friend ready and waiting.

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