Tales of adventure shared with passion, inspiration and honesty.

I have experience in motivational speaking and can create talks tailored to your audience and requirements. 

Themes that I particularly enjoy speaking about include; motivation, performance, achievement, determination, resilience, adventure and self-belief.

Georgie Trail Running

What makes me qualified to talk about these things?

Well, over the last few years I’ve thrown myself into as many different challenges as I can. Rightly or wrongly, I tend to take the ‘screw it let’s do it’ approach which I’ve found has lead to me all sorts of really interesting places. In fact, in 2017 I went one step further and decided to take on 12 physical challenges in 12 months. I went on all sorts of adventures including cross country skiing 26 miles across Switzerland, cycling to Paris in 24 hours, running a marathon and cycling 312 km around Mallorca in one day.  

I’m a passionate believer in the idea that we can all do so much more than we think, and I’ve made it my mission to spread that message as far as I can. 


I’d love to hear more about how we might be able to work together. Please get in touch; georgie@gwhodares.com 

Upcoming Speaking Events

Yestival, 21st October 2018

I’m really excited to be speaking at Yestival this year. Yestival is an annual festival for positive change which is taking place in Pulborough, West Sussex on the 19th – 21st October. 

Yestival is for anyone and everyone who has reached the conclusion that life is better when we do new things and choose a positive approach. I’m going to be speaking on Sunday 21st so make sure you come and check it out!