J70 Sailing World Championships

11th - 16th September 2017

So this is the only challenge that I have any proper experience in or know anything about.

I actually do a lot of sailing and have done since my dad threw me into a little red wooden dinghy in Poole harbour aged 10.

You'll be pleased to know that I'm not bobbing up and down in a glorified red bathtub anymore. I've moved on to bigger and better things and am racing a J70.

So what is a J70?

A J70 a seven metre sports boat that I sail with a team of three others (Sam, Chris and Charlie). My role is at the front of the boat, and more often than not involves being pummelled with waves and getting soaked through. Sounds great, I know.


Georgie sailing
georgie sailing

We've been racing together as a team for about a year and a half, and I've been lucky enough to compete in events in lots of cool places. We were racing for a week in San Francisco in September which was awesome fun. It's actually the same event that I'll be doing in September, but this time round it'll be held in Sardinia.


J70 Sailing

The event is the J70 World Championships and it takes place every year. Around 80 other J70 teams from all over the world come together and race for the chance to be named J70 World Champion.

Unlike all my other challenges this event is spread over 5 days with 2-3 short, sharp races per day. The races are usually about an hour long and involve sailing around a sausage shaped course marked out with buoys. We'll be on the water all day so it's normally a pretty knackering.  Especially given the boat is in 'race mode' and lacks all luxuries so that it's as light as possible.

The team and I will do lots of training weekends between now and next September. We're aiming to get lots of race practise in trying to fit as much time on the water in as we can.

J70 Sailing