The London Marathon

23rd April 2017
G Who Dares

I've got a place at the 2017 London Marathon.

I've never done it before, or any marathon for that matter, but I do watch it on TV each year (that pretty much counts though right?). I live in London so I've seen the heroic finishers with medals around their necks and I get super inspired by the whole thing. I always end up thinking maybe I could do that. So when the ballots opened in April, I decided to enter.

The results were announced in October,  I didn't get a place in the ballot but I did get a charity place with a brilliant charity called MACS. MACS is the UK's national charity for children born with out eyes or with underdeveloped eyes. They provide emotional and practical support to parents or carers of children born with MACS condition of any level of severity. It's a great cause that I'm really excited to run for.

I've pledged to raise £1,350 for MACS, if you are able to sponsor me it would be hugely appreciated. You can do so here.

MACSSo now the hard work starts!

The furthest I've run to date is a half marathon so I've got a way to go to get to the start line. MACS have sent me training plans and lots of info which I'll be following as closely as I can. I'm not hugely looking forward to the long runs during wintery evenings but I think that'll be part of the challenge!

Watch this space and follow my blog for all the highs (and inevitable lows!) of my marathon training!