Tough Mudder

19th August 2017

What is it?

I’m sure you all know what Tough Mudder is. But, just in case you don't it’s essentially a 10-12 mile long military style obstacle course. It’s designed to get you covered head to toe in mud whilst testing your mental and physical strength. Tough Mudder travel around the country with events going on throughout the year – so, if you’re interested you have no excuse not to get involved!

There are at least 20 obstacles throughout the 12 mile course, anything from swimming through ice water to crawling under barbed wire and wading through thigh high deep mud. In fact, each event involves 500,000 litres of mud and 40 tons of ice. Sounds fun!

Over the last few years it’s become hugely popular, a lot of my friends have already done it, some have even been back for a second go. I’m doing the South West event in August, so I guess I’ll find out just how tough Tough Mudder really is…

The real challenge...

The slightly different thing about this challenge is that both my overly keen, 60 year old parents are coming along too. That’s nice you might think, they’re coming to watch. Oh no. That’s where you’d be wrong. They’re coming to take part. So Tough Mudder and challenge number 9 really will be fun for the whole family.

Jokes aside, I’m actually really looking forward to Tough Mudder, and all the dirt it’s going to through at me. The idea of getting covered in mud and pretending to be a hard core army recruit for a few hours with my parents running hobbling alongside me sounds like a lot of fun!

If I’m honest, I’m probably least apprehensive about this challenge. That’s definitely a good thing because I’m really not sure how I’m going to complete some of the other tougher challenges that lie ahead!

Tough Mudder