Windsor Duathlon

19th February 2017

So I'l be kicking off February with my first challenge - the Windsor Duathlon. A duathlon is basically a run followed by a cycle followed by another run - simple!

I've never done a duathlon before but it's something I've wanted to try having done my first triathlon last year. If I'm completely honest, the idea of skipping the open water swim is definitely the most appealing part. I'm a much better runner than I am swimmer!

I'm doing the standard distance which is a 10k run, then a 40k cycle followed by a 5k run around the beautiful Windsor country side. I'm going to have to practise my transitions which are deemed to be the '3rd discipline'. You can shave off valuable time by being super quick at getting on and off your bike and into running shoes quicker than the competition. 

Georgie Cycling