Anyone who knows me will tell you just how much I love Porridge. Yes, that's right, porridge.

A bowl of warm, toasty oats is like a great big hug. If I'm completely honest, I secretly wish it was socially acceptable to have porridge for every meal. Sadly it's not and I have to limit my intake to just once a day!

On the plus side, it turns out my mild oat obsession may actually be doing me some good. Lots of studies have suggested that whole grains, like porridge may actually be the key to living longer. 

But I'm not just talking about any old oats. I'm not talking about pretend porridge, not 'oatmeal' or the pre packaged kind. I mean real, Scottish rolled oats. The only way it should be.

A Georgie Portion

I'm embarrassed to admit that the term 'a Georgie portion' has become an actual thing at my office where I make my breakfast each morning. If you haven't already guessed, a 'Georgie portion' refers to the overly ambitious quantity of oats I pour into my bowl on a daily basis.

Even the bulky, six foot tall men look at me questioningly (and are probably mildly impressed) when my mountain of porridge emerges from the depths of the microwave at 9.04 each morning. My go to topping is usually slices of banana, blueberries, cinnamon and honey. Nothing beats it.

So what makes the humble oat so damn great?

There are countless 'superfoods' out there, from chia seeds to quinoa that all promise the world, but there's actually a lot to be said for the humble oat. They...

  • Help lower high blood pressure
  • Help to reduce cholesterol
  • Are high in minerals and vitamins
  • Are high in fibre
  • Contain protein
  • Taste great(!)

All in all you can do far worse than helping yourself to a 'Georgie portion' of porridge for breakfast, especially if you've got a workout ahead of you. A bowl of slow releasing, wholegrain goodness will keep your blood sugar levels steady and give you energy for the whole day. In fact, here are a few of my favourite recipes:



3 thoughts on “The one thing I can’t live without

  1. Thanks Brianna! Porridge is literally my favourite thing ever (sad, I know). TheOatmealArtisit looks insane!

    Hope you’re well!

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