6 ways to help you get up ad train on dark winter mornings

It's that time of year again, it's cold and wintery outside and you're getting to work and leaving when it's dark. For me, the best time to fit exercise and training into my routine is in the morning before work. It sets me up for the day and means I can relax in the evenings.

Having said that it's sometimes a little easier said than done! Here are a few of the things that help me get up and out of the house...

1) Prep the night before - I literally lay out my clothes and everything else I need so it's ready to go and requires minimal brain power when I get up. It also means I can buy a few extra minutes in bed. Win, win.

2) Grab a friend - When I know I'm meeting a friend or I'm booked into a class I'm much less likely roll back over and go to sleep. Even if you're not meeting anyone try just telling someone you're going to get up and train early even, you'll feel a whole lot more pressure to keep your word.

3) Sleep tight - I hate the feeling of being tired and I really don't function well without 8 hours of rest. Getting up in the morning is a whole lot easier when you're not exhausted, you'll get more out of your workout too.

4) Think about it - Focusing on why I'm getting up early really helps me. Try going through your goals and motivation for training as soon as you get up.

5) Get in the zone - Music makes such a difference to my mood and I find is a great motivator. Whack on your favourite playlist and get going!

6) Treat yourself- It sounds silly but before I jump on the bus to the gym I make myself a coffee to take with me. Give yourself small incentives to make the process easier.

Its not easy getting up on dark mornings (if it were everyone would do it) but it definitely gets easier the more you're used to it. I'm afraid I'm one of those annoying 'morning people' who can't lie in anyway so I way prefer training before work. Try some of the tips above and find out what works best for you and your routine.

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